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    The London ENT Surgeons represents a partnership of seven experienced London teaching hospital Consultants specialising in Ear, Nose and Throat disorders, Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery.
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    Our surgeons provide specialist care by drawing from the 100 plus years of combined NHS experience and the many areas of individual specialist expertise available within the partnership.
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News and New Treatments

    • OCT 19, 2017

    London ENT Surgeons advocate full transparency of medical fees

    The Competitions and Markets authority has tasked PHIN to help improve transparency of fees within the private medical sector among other things.

    • OCT 12, 2017

    Mr Tony Jacob is current Chair of ENT UK Independent practice committee and board member of FIPO

    London ENT Surgeon Mr Tony Jacob is current Chair of ENT UK Independent practice committee and board member of FIPO. The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) is a medical organisation representing the majority of the medical professional’s organisations in Britain that have private practice committees. FIPO seeks to work constructively with all independent hospital providers and

    • OCT 6, 2017

    10th Anniversary London ENT Surgeons GP Teaching Event Wednesday 15th November 2017

    The London ENT Surgeons group is delighted to celebrate its 10 year anniversary this year. The private practice group has grown from strength to strength and now draws on clinicians with over a 100 years of collective experience in general and specialist ENT Surgery. The GP event will involve quick -fire short talks in the

    • SEP 8, 2017

    The 5th London Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course 2017 – Fully Booked!

    NOW FULLY BOOKED! London ENT Surgeon Mr Irfan Syed is course director of the 5th London Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course 2017 to be held at St George’s Hospital, London on 13th &14th December 2017. This is a fresh frozen cadaveric dissection course using excellent quality specimens and surgical instruments to teach both basic and advanced endoscopic sinus surgery procedures. We have an outstanding faculty from around the UK with additional special guest faculty member Dr Donald Lanza from the Sinus & Nasal Institute of Florida.

    • MAR 30, 2017

    Eustachian tube ballon tuboplasty – A new treatment for blocked ears

    What is the Eustachian tube? The Eustachian tube ‘ET’ is an anatomical structure connecting the middle ear cavity to the nasopharynx.

    • MAR 6, 2017

    The Voice and Care of the Professional Voice – Providing the most modern developments in voice analysis and treatment

    Here at London ENT Surgeons we use the newest and most advanced equipment to visualise the vocal folds and their movements. With high definition screens and stroboscopic equipment that slows the vibrations of your vocal folds down by a factor of 500, we can see the tiniest detail in and around the larynx that may

    • MAR 1, 2017

    New treatment in the management of sinusitis – Balloon sinuplasty revolutionising sinus disease management

    Sinus inflammation (sinusitis) significantly affects the quality of life of patients resulting in many lost days of work and impairment of social activity. Troublesome symptoms include blocked nose, nasal discharge, poor sense of smell, facial pressure/pain and excessive mucus at the back of the nose. Medical treatments include the use of saline douching and steroid

    • SEP 13, 2013

    How we investigate thyroid disease – Rapid assessment and management

    Thyroid pathology is common and includes solitary thyroid nodules, multinodulargoitres, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid cancer and thyroiditis.  Most patients attending head and neck and endocrine surgery clinics will present with solitary nodules. Patients may also present with multinodular or diffuse masses with or without compression symptoms. The clinician should aim their management strategyat determining the patient’s thyroid

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