Sinus Pain

Nasal Allergy / Allergic Rhinitis

The term rhinitis refers to an inflammatory response of the lining of the membrane of the nose. There are numerous causes of rhinitis and allergic rhinitis is just one of them. Upto 20% of the population suffer to some degree from nasal allergy with symptoms that include sneezing, a runny nose or a blocked nose.


Grass Pollen Allergy Treatment

GRAZAX is a once daily sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy for hay fever available in a fast-melting tablet form. GRAZAX tablets contain a tiny amount of grass pollen. Taken daily, this will help your immune system build up tolerance to grass pollen. In this case, GRAZAX treats the underlying cause of your allergy. This is called immunotherapy.

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Nasal blockage/congestion

Nasal congestion, or a ‘stuffy’, ‘blocked’ or ‘bunged up’ nose, is one of the most common conditions often associated with colds, allergies or sinus problems.


Sinusitis & Sinus Surgery

The sinuses are a combination of large and small air pockets in the face. They are connected to the inside of the nose through small openings called ostea. They help to optimise the temperature and humidity of the air reaching the lungs.

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Rhinoplasty (The Nose Job)

The nose occupies the centre of the face and is one of the most commonly noticed parts of the face. It also has important functions related to breathing. The nose is made up of bones and cartilages that are joined together to form the shape of a roof.