• MAR 1, 2017

    New treatment in the management of sinusitis – Balloon sinuplasty revolutionising sinus disease management

    Sinus inflammation (sinusitis) significantly affects the quality of life of patients resulting in many lost days of work and impairment of social activity. Troublesome symptoms include blocked nose, nasal discharge, poor sense of smell, facial pressure/pain and excessive mucus at the back of the nose. Medical treatments include the use of saline douching and steroid

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    • SEP 13, 2013

    How we investigate thyroid disease – Rapid assessment and management

    Thyroid pathology is common and includes solitary thyroid nodules, multinodulargoitres, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid cancer and thyroiditis.  Most patients attending head and neck and endocrine surgery clinics will present with solitary nodules. Patients may also present with multinodular or diffuse masses with or without compression symptoms. The clinician should aim their management strategyat determining the patient’s thyroid

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