Coronavirus update

UPDATE: 24th March 2020:

During the COVID-19 pandemic London ENT Surgeons are planning to try to help reduce the risks of exposure to coronavirus for our patients, whilst also trying to ensure the best possible continuity of care for you.

All our London ENT Surgeons are able to offer telephone consultations during this period. Most major insurers are now accepting the need for telephone consultations and will reimburse you for them, though pre-authorisation is still required. It is both necessary and appropriate to respect the government guidance with regard to self-isolation and social distancing.

In the first instance we recommend a telephone consultation, given that there is a possibility of COVID-19 infection in patients without symptoms, in order to protect both you and our surgeons. But if it is deemed clinically necessary or urgent to undertake a face to face, we are able to arrange an appointment at the present time. Nevertheless, in order to protect you and everyone else from the risks of Coronavirus, we would advise keeping face to face visits to a minimum. In addition, this service will be restricted to a few private clinics, which are currently open.

If you require a consultation please call our secretaries on 0208 183 1111 or send an email to [email protected]. We will call you back to arrange a telephone consultation.


As you all are aware the Corona virus is spreading amongst our community. The situation is very fluid and changing on a daily basis. There is also a lot of misinformation out there so for those of you concerned we would recommend using the government / NHS website as this has the most up to date advice.

At London ENT Surgeons we take our responsibility to you very seriously. We are in constant touch with government, NHS and other scientific bodies so we can adjust our clinical practice according to the best available evidence.

Our surgeons have busy commitments in a number of hospitals in and around London dealing with everything from cancer to relatively minor ailments. They are all conscious of their responsibilities in trying to keep you and themselves safe and from inadvertently transmitting the disease.

Whilst our aim is to keep services running as close to normal as possible at times like this it is also necessary to prioritise what needs to happen now and what can possibly wait.

When phoning to book clinic appointments or schedule surgery our administrative staff have been asked to ask a few general screening questions to determine whether you may have symptoms or signs suggestive of COVID-19 infection.

The main symptoms of COVID-19 infection are
1. a high temperature and
2. a new and persistent cough

Based on your answers to this and whether your condition is urgent we may suggest that your appointment is deferred. If we do we will maintain a special call back diary and commit to seeing you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Finally, depending on the severity of the outbreak and its impact on the population our surgeons may be redeployed to frontline services. If we have to cancel any appointments for these reasons we will do everything we can to offer you an alternative appointment at a later time that suits you or with another of our specialists.

Tony Jacob
Managing partner
London ENT surgeons

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