Patient Information during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our priority at London ENT Surgeons is to maintain your safety whilst working hard to ensure that you are provided with the highest quality of medical care in the most convenient way possible. Our surgeons have been leading the way in the assessment and management of ear, nose & throat problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our surgeons have been closely involved in the formation of COVID-19 national guidelines to look after patients, both in the NHS and private practice. (See related articles in our news section)

In this new phase following the relaxation of lockdown measures, we have been engaged with the hospitals and clinics that we work in to develop protocols and measures to try and minimise inadvertent virus transmission.

The first principle of reducing transmission is to try and avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital. To that effect we will, where appropriate offer you a telephone / video consultation. Our staff have been trained to help guide you on whether or not this may be appropriate. In some cases of course it may be necessary to directly book a “face to face” appointment.

  • For all face to face appointments, the hospitals and clinics we work in have developed strict infection control practices to keep you safe. This includes the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce infection risk.
  • Hospitals are likely to check your temperature on arrival and ask you some screening questions. They will also provide you with a face mask on arrival unless you have come with one and advise you about the relevant social distancing and hand hygiene measures that apply to the clinic
  • There will be new patient flows in the clinics designed to minimise infection
  • All clinic staff including our surgeons will have been educated on appropriate enhanced infection control measures and will also undergo daily temperature checks and screening as per hospital / clinic policy.

Before your appointment

When booking your appointment please let us know if:

  • You, or anyone in your household, have a new continuous cough
  • You, or anyone in your household, has a fever or temperature measuring 37.8 degrees or greater in the last 14 days
  • You, or anyone in your household, has suddenly lost their sense of smell and taste in the last 14 days
  • You are deemed to be in the high risk / shielded category by your GP or the government
  • You are known to have been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms or been diagnosed with coronavirus within the last 14 days

In the above circumstances, where there is a risk that you may pass on COVID-19 or put yourself at unnecessary risk, we may not be able to offer you a face to face appointment but can facilitate a telephone / video consultation.

At your appointment

  • Please arrive a few minutes ahead of the arrival time stipulated on your appointment letter. This will ensure that there is sufficient time to carry out any relevant testing e.g. temperature, screening procedures prior to your actual appointment time.
  • Where children or vulnerable adults are attending, we ask that they are accompanied by one person only, who must be from the same household.
  • Appointments may run a bit slower than normal due to the need for increased infection control measures and we ask for your patience and understanding.

London ENT Surgeons look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of care with both safety and convenience in mind. It is important to understand that whilst the above measures significantly minimise the possibility of COVID-19 transmission it doesn’t eliminate it.

If you require a consultation please call our secretaries on 0208 183 1111 or send an email to We will call you back to arrange a telephone consultation.

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