The Esteem Hearing Aid is totally implantable and therefore invisible. Many people with hearing problems dislike using conventional hearing aids as there is a negative social stigma attached with them. This problem is overcome with the Esteem Hearing Implant as all parts of the aid are invisible. Importantly, this new technology allows patients to hear more naturally and restores their life to normal living. The product is maintenance free for five to nine years after which the battery will need to be replaced, and then patients can continue enjoying the Esteem Hearing Implant benefits.

The device (based on pacemaker technology) is implanted under the skin behind the ear. Two leads extend into the middle ear from the device. Sound waves travel into the ear canal and set the ear drum (tympanic membrane) into motion causing the bones of the middle ear to vibrate. The device senses these movements and delivers a customized dose of energy to the cochlea which transmits the signals to the brain. The brain interprets the signals as hearing, which allows the patient to experience a new world of sound.

This device uses the ear’s natural anatomy and the result is that patients describe a clarity and fidelity of sound that is near normal. Due to the basic laws of physics and human physiology, attempts with conventional artificial methods to improve hearing, such as hearing aids, do not possess this capability.

Background Noise is the one of the biggest complaints for people wearing hearing aids. Taking part in a conversation at a restaurant, with a group of friends, at a business meeting are usually the most difficult situations for hearing aid wearers. Yet, these are situations they want most to be a part of but are excluded from when using normal hearing aids. Patients using the Esteem Hearing Implant report that they hear better with this device leading to improved understanding and more enjoyment of life, regardless of their background environment.

The Esteem Hearing Implant, in contrast to conventional hearing aids, is not a simple sound amplifier. It enhances your own anatomy’s ability to process sound. The device increases the energy delivered to the cochlea via the middle ear thus clarifying the signals delivered to the auditory nerve.

The surgical procedure is well tolerated with a rapid recovery time as well as being totally invisible. This coupled with the improved hearing makes the Esteem Hearing Implant a revolutionary choice for people with hearing problems.

For more information follow the link to  www.envoymedical.com

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